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Born in Auch (south west of france), Remcord giving his own input since years, with such a great attention and dedication to the groove and elements that creates his musical difference. 

Thoughtful and emotional, Remcord’s sound is organic and analog with a perfect balance between the two. Up until today he has released on some of the known underground dance labels such as Suara, Monaberry, Heulsuse, Great stuff, Atmosphere record… 

September 2019 marks a turning point in the career of Rémi and the fulllment of his passion since he decides to create his label: REBA. A way for him to presents his own vision and be free to release what he really wants. He has also done collaborations with and remixes to/from the likes of BOg, Ramon Tapia, Buddakid, Hermanez, Andy bros, Hanne & Lore… 

Moreover he has shared the decks with artists such as Stefan Bodzin, Extrawelt, Guy Gerber, Marc Houle, Agoria, Boris Brecha, Dominik Heulberg, Mathame, Fideles to name a few. Remcord is denitely one to keep an eye on, with his incredible live set or behind the desk it’s always about sharing and pleasure with him!

in 2020, Remcord revisit ‘Venus’ From Solemn eye album on 70HILLS.

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Musician, Producer, and DJ