SIDE NOTE – New EP by Noetik

By Nicola Giovannini


With « Side Note », Noetik signs an EP where darkness reveals the full spectrum of its vibrant and luminous emotional facets.

Opening the journey, ‘Grey Note’ stands out as an outstanding mixture of deep kicking bass line, heartbeats-like tempo and spellbinding melodic synth textures reverberating such as sepulchral echoes of the mind and climaxing in perfect synchronism to create an immersive silver bullet for the dance floor.

The second cut of this EP, ‘Purple Note’, is a masterfully crafted production blending evolving atmospheres, ranging from cinematic ambient to spatial techno and emotional trance elements magnified by a floating classic-like break. A tune managing the perfect and subtle balance between a solid beat-triggering manifesto and a modern dreamy state of mind.

With ‘Black Note’ which was released as a NFT exclusive, Noetik’s vessel goes deeper into underground sepulchral industrial-spirited techno flavors with a straightforward percussive riff and hypnotic sound layers.

Finishing off the voyage in a brilliant manner, Fresen’s remix  revisits and brings “Grey Note” into a magical dive through deep lush melodic synth arrangements, a perfectly inspiring breaks groove and the punctual featuring of introspective and silk lyrics which feeds the tale with a shining human sense and color in timeless fashion.

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Noetik - Side Note EP
Nicola Giovannini
Side Note EP - Noetik
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