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Predictive Maintenance

Drones play a crucial role in the predictive maintenance of wind turbine installations, photovoltaic panels, or any other installations.

Equipped with high-resolution cameras and thermal sensors, these instruments capture detailed images and thermal data to assess the condition of each component.

The data collected by the drones is then analyzed by cutting-edge software. Image processing algorithms and machine learning models can detect problems such as cracks, dirty areas or faulty solar cells early.

By avoiding costly emergency repairs and maximizing energy production, predictive maintenance provides significant savings in the long term.

Regular InspectionsImaging and SensorsData analysisPlanned MaintenanceCost Savings

Zoom up to 200x – Anomaly detection

Our powerful zoom tools allow us to perform careful inspections, perform in-depth analyses, and collaborate closely, all while respecting the distancing rules necessary to ensure everyone is protected.


Whether it is industrial installations, buildings, solar panels or even power lines, our predictive maintenance service by drone offers you a clear and detailed vision of the heat emitted by your installations.

The advantages are multiple: speed, precision and security.


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